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At Angela Green Podiatry, we can diagnose the cause of your foot problems and treat all symptoms effectively. Our caring podiatrists provide complete podiatry treatments and tailor plans to suit you individually. We care about your feet and help patients of all ages across Central Coast with calluses and corns, arthritic and diabetic complaints, ingrown toenails, footwear issues and sports-related injuries.

Paediatric foot care and assessment

It is important to undertake a thorough and accurate assessment to diagnose your conditions correctly and prescribe the best course of foot care treatments. If your children appear to have any of the follow conditions, get in touch with Angela Green Podiatry to book an assessment.

Are your children

  • Pigeon toed or knock-kneed
  • Bow legged or a toe walker
  • Easily fatigued
  • Clumsy and uncoordinated
  • Flat footed
  • Curled toed

    Has your child been

    • Avoiding sporting activities
    • Struggling to keep up with others
    • Complaining of foot or leg pain
    • Diagnosed with talipes
    • Diagnosed with metatarsus adductus


      Angela Green Podiatry stocks a wide range of pre-fabricated orthotics to suit your lifestyle and individual foot care needs. We also prescribe and manufacture custom-made orthotics to help control feet function as well as enhance performance of your lower back, ankles, knees, hips and pelvis. Our Confortina footwear range is machine-washable, soft and lightweight, making it perfect for anyone with bunions or hammer toes.

      Specialist advice and support

      As part of our leading foot care services, our podiatrists offer advice and support for common foot problems in both children and adults including:

      • Footwear, from toddlers to school shoes
      • Exercises to strengthen muscles, tendons and ligaments in the foot and lower legs
      • Splinting and taping to correct overriding digits
      • Orthotics to correct abnormalities in gait and foot posture.
      • Sports Injuries, such as ankle injuries, sprains and ongoing pain issues.
      • Warts and ingrown toe nails
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